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"I appreciate Lori and her teaching me how to do things correctly – by Alexander Technique (AT). Since starting AT lessons, I have not had lower back pain. Doing AT is like brushing your teeth to avoid tooth problems; we do it even though you don’t always see big changes, but we *know* it’s helping. And my wife does see change in me."
-- Pat M.

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One-on-One Alexander Technique Lessons

While the Alexander Technique does require on-going sessions to achieve the most beneficial results, Alexander Technique lessons don't require hours and hours of practice that you need to cram into your day.

For the best results, it is recommended that you take a minimum of 25-30 lessons; however, if you're in a field that requires constant movement (performing arts, sports, etc.) lessons will be of benefit throughout your career.

We use a light, gentle touch and simple verbal instructions to guide you in doing every-day activities with more lightness, ease and freedom. This hands-on guidance allows you to experience sitting, standing, walking, and any other activities you choose to do, in a new way that that requires less effort, and is healthier and more effective. As you learn to replace harmful habits with beneficial ones, your ability to use yourself in a more balanced, effortless way in all your activities greatly improves. This improvement can help significantly in alleviating a wide range of conditions, as well as enhancing performance skills, well-being and quality of life.


One-on-One Alexander Technique Lessons last 45 minutes.
A single lesson costs $60.
Three lessons per week costs $150 (this is the ideal way to start a course of lessons).

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