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"I have benefitted greatly from Alexander Technique lessons. As Lori showed me ways to move and function more efficiently, I have had more energy and less pain. She is a thorough, patient, and encouraging teacher and she personalized my lessons by addressing my specific needs and concerns. Through the Alexander Technique, Lori has taught me to be aware of physical habits and has given me tools to improve my health."
-- Sheri H.

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reDiscover Movement. reDiscover life.

The Alexander Technique Teacher that Dayton has been looking for!Dayton Alexander Technique Teacher Lori Davis of Rediscover Movement Featured in the Beaverton Valley Times!

Moving freely… it's something you take for granted until years of incorrect movement and poor posture or an injury take their toll. When that happens life becomes very challenging.

Whether you're in the performing arts, a high-performance or student athlete, a weekend warrior or simply want to be the best parent or grandparent you can be, chronic back pain, chronic fatigue, stress, strain, tension, and specific injuries can prevent you from achieving your goals. Working with a chiropractor or medical doctor are important to your recovery. But when the medications and medical therapy come to an end, you need a plan to keep the pain away. You need a plan to rediscover movement in a way that empowers you to re-engage with life.

Eliminate Pain and Gain Other Health Benefits

Lori Davis of reDiscover Movement is a certified Alexander Technique teacher located in Dayton, Ohio. As an Alexander Technique student, you'll learn how to move and carry yourself in a way that corrects postural and movement patterns, minimizing or eliminating pain and mobility limitations.

The Alexander Technique is ideal for anyone dealing with injuries or disabilities, business professionals suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain, or repetitive stress issues, athletes, dancers and performing artists. The Alexander Technique provides countless benefits for people from all walks of life, including:

  • • Improves balance and posture
    • Reduces stress, tension, and pain
    • Increases ease and flexibility of movement
    • Improves breathing
    • Increases alertness and coordination

Learn more about the Alexander Technique and how it can help you rediscover movement and rediscover life.

reDiscover Movement. reDiscover life.
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